UER Terms of Service | UER Privacy Policy

"server" shall refer to the UER webserver
"admins" shall refer to the current forum administration team
"owner" shall refer to the owner of the server, currently Avatar-X
"forum" shall refer to the UER/Infiltration/Wraiths/etc webforum located at www.uer.ca


The server automatically collects information from you as you visit this website. Among this information is your IP address and browser type. No personal identifying details are tracked, unless you provide them voluntarily.


The collected information is stored in a database on the server. Only the owner has direct access to this database. The owner reserves the right to view your IP address and browser details, for verification of identity or other strictly administrative purposes. This information may never be publically transmitted, or transmitted outside of this forum.

Information you post on the public areas of the forum may be viewed by anyone, both registered users and the general public. This information may or may not appear in a search engine or internet archive. We make no guarantees towards the privacy of this information.

Information you post in user-created private boards may be viewed by the other members of that board, and by the administration at their discretion. Information posted here is not publically viewable, and will never show up in a search engine or archive.

Information you send via private messages is between you and the recipient of the message. Only under extreme circumstances, when the entire administration team agrees, may these messages be viewed solely by the administrators. For example, if there is reason to believe you are spamming people via Private Messages, the administration team can agree to examine your message history to confirm this fact. If this is performed, you will be notified via PM of this.

Using the "email member" function is 100% private. The messages you send are neither logged nor stored in any way, shape, or form. However, delivery is not guaranteed since this function relies on email, which is outside of the control of this forum.

The provisions outlined in this document apply to all registered forum members. Breaking the forum rules voids your privacy agreement with the forum. For example, if you are asked to leave (banned) and then return, you have violated the forum rules and this agreement no longer applies.

Your registered forum account is your own. Please use a different password for this forum, and change it occaisionally. This password is transmitted in plain text over the internet, and is not 100% secure. You are responsible for the security of your password. That said, using an account belonging someone else is not allowed. Members who are found to have done this will be banned.